Health And Wellness Tips That Have Evidence Behind Them

Physical And Mental Health
Physical And Mental Health
Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness

The world is not short on pundits and wellness “gurus” to help you gain a better understanding of your inner mind-with a small fee, of course. While there are many who are genuine, there are still others who pull out exercises related to mindfulness and tell you to do them- like a magician pulling out a rabbit from his hat. No evidence that it works and to further drive the point, many of the pupils don’t feel a substantial change. For those who do, well good for them.

We are here to give you health and wellness tips that actually have a thumbs-up from Mr. Science himself. Read on…

  • Cut Out The Sugary Calories

One doesn’t need a degree in health studies, to understand that sugary drinks and sweet food stuffs do plenty bad to your body. Especially sugary drinks are a big no-no, as the human brain is not able to measure calories in liquids as it is able to do in solid foods.

Sugary drinks can give you the momentary high and happiness due to the flooding of glucose into your bloodstream; but once the sugar spike subsides, you are left off in a worse mood than you begin with. Not to mention the risks of type 2 diabetes and heart conditions.

  • Eating Nuts

Health and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Eating good food that is healthy and nourishing will help your body and mind flourish. Nuts are one of the must-includes in your daily diet.

They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium fibre and vitamin E among many other essential nutrients.

It helps you put on healthy fats, and helps in eradicating bad fats. Not to mention, the reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart conditions. The reason is that nuts can boost metabolism. There was a recent study that proved that almonds are shown to increase weight loss by around 60% compared to complex carbohydrates.

  • Avoid The Junk Foods And Processed Food Stuffs

The sole reason it is created is to trigger pleasure centers. That is it.

The nutritional value is merely the shadow of eating what ‘real’ food can accomplish. These are low on fibers, micronutrients and proteins- but not short of unhealthy ingredients like sugar and refined grains. Eating junk food also tricks your brain to overeat and is also the reason for addiction among some people.

There are people who say that you can eat junk food, but exercise and hit the gym often. They may look fit from the outside, but the body is rotting away from the inside.

Eat healthy. Be healthy.

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