Health Versus Wellness: The Difference

Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness

Wellness is a rather recent concept, so some individuals are unaware of it. Wellness tends to be mistaken for health, despite both concepts being not synonymous. All of us wish to be healthy and well. Now, just what is the distinction between health and wellness? Read ahead to know.

How These Concepts Differ

To be healthy means to be devoid of diseases. There are several means to be so, including exercising, avoiding food items that produce diseases, having nutritious items, maintaining proper body weight, and having enough sleep daily. Conversely, wellness is an all-encompassing concept, involving many different aspects, some of which we will look at below. It is beyond just physical health.

We do not arrive at a condition of true wellness. It is rather a balance that we attempt to keep. Doing some activities including the ones mentioned below may cause you to be healthier, but it will not necessarily result in you being well in a true ‘wellness’ sense. You can become disease-free, but your life’s other aspects may not be balanced to make you well. Now, we will discuss some of the different wellness aspects.

Physical Aspect

Frequent exercise, reducing weight, daily vitamin use, having a healthy diet, not using intoxicating substances, getting enough rest, and maintaining appropriate blood pressure help to make you healthy. As stated earlier, being healthy refers to the fact that you are devoid of any mental or physical diseases.

Emotional Aspect

Human emotional states are among the different elements of wellness, and these include happiness, positivity, and a state of optimism. When this particular aspect of life is not working, you will not experience wellness in the true sense of the word. Individuals who are emotionally unwell will possibly be co-dependent, stressed, pessimistic, and resentful.

Social Aspect

Social wellness pertains to many things, including how good (or bad) your relations are with other people. Some individuals feel miserable since they are either lonely or lack a strong relationship with others.

Environmental Aspect

It may be the most disregarded element of wellness. Are you passionate about the global environment? Are you trying to keep your environmental impact to the least possible level? Do you restore or recycle what you use instead of just throwing it away? All of those and more factors have an effect on the planet and thus, on every animal, microorganism and plant.

All of these and more aspects will dictate your wellness, and it will take much effort to reach a state of true wellness.

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