How Are Physical And Mental Health Interconnected?

Physical And Mental Health
Physical And Mental Health
Physical And Mental Health
Physical And Mental Health

It is true that there exists a clear distinction between the mind and body however physical and mental health shouldn’t be treated as separate things. They are actually interconnected in many ways.

As per the experts, a poor state of physical health can increase the risk of mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health has an adverse impact on physical health, causing an increased risk of some medical conditions.

How Does Mental Health Affect Physical Health?

Studies have demonstrated various ways in which poor mental health can prove detrimental to the physical health of the person.

People with the highest rates of self-rate distress were 32% more likely to have died of cancer.  Moreover, depression is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Schizophrenia is an acute mental health condition in which people develop a really abnormal interpretation of reality. This condition is known to double the risk of heart disease and can increase the risk of death from heart related diseases by about three times.

People with mental health issues are less likely to receive adequate physical health care that they should get if they were mentally healthy. This is one of the reasons why poor mental health leads to physical health conditions. People with disrupted mental health are less likely to get routine medical checks (blood, weight, pressure and cholesterol).

Mental Health And Long-Term Health Conditions

Psoriasis is a long term physical condition that may be influenced by poor mental health. It is an autoimmune condition that is usually characterized by red flakes on the skin surface, that resembles scales. Its effects are much beyond the visual symptoms and the condition can even lead to the death of the patients.

Stress is a common trigger of psoriasis and it can worsen the flare-ups as well. The following observations will explain the close correlation between psoriasis and mental health.

  • A large percentage of people feel very much annoyed due to their psoriasis.
  • About one-third of psoriasis patients suffer from anxiety and depression
  • one in five report being rejected due to their condition
  • One in ten admit to contemplating suicide

Just like stress can trigger psoriasis, psoriasis can cause emotional distress that can trigger psoriasis flare that leads to further stress. It is almost a cyclic process.

Staying mentally healthy is important to ensure your physical well-being and remaining physically healthy is important to ensure your mental well-being. Always keep in mind that physical and mental health are closely connected.

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