Some Wellness And Health Trends That Are Becoming Prominent

Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness

According to a recent ADM survey, 77% of people plan on trying more to remain healthy. The survey also demonstrates that food and drink producers that effectively neutralize customer concerns about health with affordability have the maximum chance to win customers over. Read on to know more about health and wellness related trends that are becoming noticeable.

More Focus On The Association Of Gut Health With Immune Function

As per the research, 57% of customers around the world report feeling more worried regarding immunity owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Striving to boost immunity is increasing their knowledge regarding the way in which microorganisms support their immune system and wellbeing. Goods that contain probiotics, postbiotics and prebiotics are potentially beneficial to the microbiome, and these continue to gain movement in the market.

Fresh Perspectives About Metabolic Health And Weight Management

The weight-related concerns of customers, particularly of people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, have gone up owing to how COVID-19 affects activity levels. Customers are viewing both metabolic health and the management of body weight in a different way from the past. More than half of them suggested that they are worried about gaining weight or becoming less active in the epidemic period.

Personalized Nutrition

The coronavirus makes customers more aware of risk factors for health, so goods that offer very personalized solutions are expected to be more in demand. ADM research discovered that about 50% of customers feel that each person requires a personalized approach to both exercise and diet. On the other hand, 31% of customers are buying more products made with health and nutrition aspects in mind. Consequently, ADM expects that goods focussing on boosting nutrition, wellness and self-care will catch the eye of more and more customers.

Changing Shopping Behavior

Greater attention paid to health contributes to more money being spent on health goods and wellness products. ADM research discovered that about 50% of customers plan on buying more goods associated with health and wellness. Simultaneously, increasing concerns about joblessness and recession have triggered a shift towards value-based product shopping. This includes increasing demand for common pantry products, growing spending on private-label goods, and more footfall for those retailers of value-based goods.

The aforementioned behavior-related changes may exist after the epidemic peaks. In that case, ADM stated that producers of food items and beverages are likely to have more chances to exploit the present trends.

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