Wellness In The Little Things

Health Tips For Pregnant Women
Health Tips For Pregnant Women
Health And Wellness
Health And Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging nowadays. Balancing a full-time job, family, and kids, meditating an hour a day, eating well, training and working out for an hour and a half, making it to your kid’s recital…life is riddled with challenges, and we are to take them on our chin each day. Even if you make the conscious effort to better yourself and understand the importance of health and wellness, there are days where you feel 24 hours are just not enough.

Health and wellness are imbibed in doing small things. It doesn’t mean that without a dumb-bell or a health shake in your hand, your wellness routine is up in smokes. When these are done consistently over time, they add up to produce big results. Here are some little ways in which you can turn the tide:

Start The Day With A Tall Glass Of Water

No better way to kick-start your bodily system than rehydrating it with a tall glass of water. Hydrating yourself does plenty to aid in digestion, help in boosting your energy levels, and promoting skin health. You feel refreshed and ready to get out of bed!

Give The Lift A Break

Take the stairs for a change and sweat it out. For most of us, the next 8 or so hours are spent sitting on the office chair. A simple run up the stairs will count as physical activity and help you tone and strengthen your legs and core. Getting fit on the go is what I call it!

Let The Veggies Take Over

Make sure that at least half of your plate is greens. You can add in a healthy dose of meats and proteins, but the rest must be cut fruits, leafy greens, and beans.

Count The Steps

If you are so hard-pressed to find time to hit the gym, then keep a step counter on yourself. Most smartphones have that. If you don’t fancy carrying your phone everywhere while at the workspace, get yourself a fitness watch. You need not make sure that you do the minimum 10,000 or so steps a day, or even make sure to burn the calorie limit by walking or moving about. You can start low and gradually get their!

Implementing these little extras to your everyday routine will do plenty to keep you in shape and not keep you looking like a couch potato trying to make it to work the next morning.

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